O2 Scaling

Makes keratinization as pH5.5 balance and improves scalp problems occurs from impurities & dead skin

Power Scaling

Special scaling steps help powerful pore cleaning. Double effects to penetrate nutrients into the scalp. 

Detox Scalp Care

With 3 steps of scalp purification, drainage impurities from deeper layer of scalp and give energy by aroma bath 

Anti-Aging Head Spa

Improve scalp xeroderma occurs from heats on the scalp. Get rid of inflammation occurs from stress and circulation disorder.

Oily Scalp Care 

3 steps purification treatment to get rid of impurities and toxin and helps revitalize of the vibrant scalp.

Dry Scalp Care

All-in-one care program to moisturize dry scalp with 100% nature sea collagen and Wellkin’s special treatment for elasticity.

Sensitive Scalp Care

Therapy + specialized ingredients + special scalp devices
Improve scalp’s abilities of propagation, and help relaxation & revamping sensitive scalp

Scalp Strengthening

Beginning stage of the program that strengthens thinner and weak hair by penetrating effective components of the ingredients into the weak scalp.

Early Stage Hair Loss Care – Step1

Focusing improvement program that finds out the cause of hair loss such as hormone, circulatory disorder , nutritional imbalance and typical hair loss symptom that occurs M, O ,U Sharpe of hair loss, and etc., and solves them quickly

Intensive Hair Loss Care – Step2

Specialized program by SOLEP-COMPLEX that wellkin patented and COPPER PEPTIDE. It helps scalp cells grow up, strengthen scalp skin layers and hair regeneration. 

Alopecia Hair Loss Care

Focusing intensive spot care for alopecial areata! It soothes sensitive scalp and helps hair growth.